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Treci Metak Knjiga.pdf

Treci Metak Knjiga.pdf: A Book That Challenges the Official Version of Zoran Đinđić's Assassination

If you are interested in the history and politics of Serbia, you may have heard of Treci Metak (The Third Bullet), a book by Milan Veruović and Nikola Vrzić that exposes the political conspiracy behind the murder of Zoran Đinđić, the former prime minister of Serbia, in 2003. The book, which was published in 2014, has caused a lot of controversy and debate in Serbia and beyond, as it questions the official narrative of the assassination and reveals new facts and evidence that contradict it.

Treci Metak Knjiga.pdf

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Who was Zoran Đinđić?

Zoran Đinđić was one of the most influential and controversial figures in Serbia's recent history. He was a philosopher, politician, and reformer who played a key role in the overthrow of Slobodan Milošević's regime in 2000. He became the first democratically elected prime minister of Serbia in 2001 and initiated a series of political, economic, and social reforms that aimed to modernize the country and integrate it into the European Union. He also cooperated with the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) and extradited several war criminals, including Milošević himself.

However, Đinđić also faced a lot of opposition and resistance from various political factions, nationalist groups, security forces, and organized crime networks that opposed his reforms and his cooperation with the ICTY. He was accused of being a traitor, a puppet of the West, and a collaborator with criminals. He survived several assassination attempts before he was fatally shot by a sniper on March 12, 2003, outside the government building in Belgrade.

What is the official version of the assassination?

The official version of the assassination, which was presented by the authorities and accepted by most of the media and public opinion, is that Đinđić was killed by a group of former members of the Special Operations Unit (JSO), an elite paramilitary unit that was loyal to Milošević and involved in various crimes during the Yugoslav wars. The group was allegedly led by Milorad Ulemek (aka Legija), a former commander of the JSO who had become a leader of the Zemun clan, one of the most powerful organized crime groups in Serbia. The group was also allegedly connected to Vojislav Šešelj, a nationalist politician and war crimes suspect who was Đinđić's political rival.

The official version claims that Ulemek and his associates planned to assassinate Đinđić as part of a larger coup attempt that aimed to overthrow the government and restore Milošević's regime. The sniper who fired the fatal shot was identified as Zvezdan Jovanović (aka Zveki), a former deputy commander of the JSO who confessed to his role in the assassination. The authorities launched a massive crackdown on Ulemek's group and arrested dozens of suspects, including several high-ranking police and military officers who were accused of aiding and abetting the assassins. Ulemek and Jovanović were sentenced to 40 years in prison for their involvement in the assassination.

What is Treci Metak about?

Treci Metak is a book that challenges the official version of the assassination and argues that it is based on fabricated evidence, false confessions, and political manipulation. The book is written by Milan Veruović and Nikola Vrzić, two journalists who have been investigating Đinđić's murder for years and have access to exclusive sources and documents that shed new light on the case.

The book claims that Đinđić was not killed by Ulemek's group but by a different group of assassins who had ties to some of Đinđić's closest associates and allies within his own party, security services, and foreign intelligence agencies. The book alleges that these assassins were motivated by personal interests, political ambitions, or foreign agendas that clashed with Đinđić's vision for Serbia. The book also claims that Ulemek's group was framed for the assassination by some of these actors who wanted to cover up their involvement and divert attention from their own crimes.

The book provides various facts and evidence that contradict or cast doubt on the official version, such as:

  • The lack of physical evidence linking Ulemek's group to the crime scene or the weapon used in the assassination.

  • The inconsistencies and contradictions in Jovanović's confession and testimony.

  • The discrepancies between the ballistic reports and the autopsy report on Đinđić's body.

  • The manipulation and intimidation of witnesses and suspects by some investigators and prosecutors.

  • The suppression or destruction of crucial evidence by some authorities.

  • The interference or influence of some foreign diplomats and intelligence agents on the investigation and trial.

Who are the authors of Treci Metak?

Milan Veruović and Nikola Vrzić are two journalists who have been following and investigating Đinđić's assassination for over a decade. They have interviewed hundreds of sources, including witnesses, suspects, investigators, prosecutors, judges, lawyers, politicians, diplomats, and intelligence agents. They have also obtained and analyzed thousands of documents, such as police reports, court transcripts, forensic reports, ballistic reports, autopsy reports, wiretaps, surveillance videos, and diplomatic cables.

Milan Veruović was a close friend and adviser of Zoran Đinđić. He was with him on the day of the assassination and witnessed his death. He was also one of the targets of the alleged coup attempt by Ulemek's group. He survived an assassination attempt on March 21, 2003, when a bomb exploded under his car. He has been writing and speaking about Đinđić's murder and its aftermath ever since.

Nikola Vrzić is a journalist and editor who has worked for various media outlets in Serbia and abroad. He has been covering Đinđić's assassination and its consequences since 2003. He has written several articles and books on the topic, such as Ubistvo premijera (The Murder of the Prime Minister), Ubistvo s predumišljajem (Premeditated Murder), and Zavera (The Conspiracy).

What is the purpose of Treci Metak?

The purpose of Treci Metak is to reveal the truth about Đinđić's assassination and to challenge the official version that has been accepted by most of the public opinion and institutions in Serbia and abroad. The authors claim that their book is not a political manifesto or a personal vendetta, but a journalistic investigation based on facts and evidence. They also claim that their book is not intended to defend or glorify Đinđić, but to honor his memory and his legacy.

The authors hope that their book will contribute to the public debate and awareness about Đinđić's assassination and its implications for Serbia's democracy, rule of law, and European integration. They also hope that their book will inspire further investigations and trials that will bring justice to Đinđić and his family, as well as to all the victims of political violence in Serbia.

How has Treci Metak been received?

Treci Metak has been received with mixed reactions by the public and the media in Serbia and abroad. Some have praised the book for its courage, professionalism, and thoroughness, and have supported its call for a new investigation and trial of Đinđić's assassination. Some have criticized the book for its lack of credibility, objectivity, and evidence, and have accused its authors of spreading conspiracy theories, propaganda, and defamation. Some have ignored or dismissed the book as irrelevant, outdated, or sensationalist.

The book has also faced various obstacles and challenges in reaching its readers. The book was initially banned by some bookstores and distributors who refused to sell it or promote it. The book was also subject to several lawsuits and complaints by some of the people who were mentioned or implicated in it. The book was also attacked by some hackers who tried to sabotage its website and online sales. The book was also censored or distorted by some media outlets who either ignored it, misrepresented it, or selectively quoted it.

Why is Treci Metak important?

Treci Metak is important because it raises some crucial questions and issues that are relevant not only for Serbia but also for the region and the world. The book challenges the official version of Đinđić's assassination that has been accepted by most of the institutions and actors that are involved or interested in Serbia's political and social development, such as the European Union, the United States, the United Nations, the ICTY, and various NGOs. The book also reveals some of the hidden interests and agendas that have shaped Serbia's transition from a dictatorship to a democracy, as well as its relations with its neighbors and partners.

The book also contributes to the public debate and awareness about Đinđić's assassination and its consequences for Serbia's democracy, rule of law, and European integration. The book also honors Đinđić's memory and legacy by reminding us of his vision and values that he fought for and died for. The book also inspires us to seek the truth and justice for Đinđić and his family, as well as for all the victims of political violence in Serbia.

Where can you find Treci Metak?

Treci Metak is available in both print and digital formats. You can order the book online from various websites, such as Online knjižara Dere, Riznica knjiga, or Goodreads. You can also download the book as a PDF file from the official website of the book,, where you can also find more information and updates about the book and its authors.

If you prefer to read the book in a physical format, you can also find it in some bookstores and libraries in Serbia and abroad. However, you may encounter some difficulties or delays in obtaining the book, as some bookstores and distributors have refused to sell it or promote it due to various reasons. You may also face some censorship or distortion of the book by some media outlets who have ignored it, misrepresented it, or selectively quoted it.

How can you support Treci Metak?

If you are interested in Treci Metak and want to support its authors and their cause, you can do so in several ways. You can buy the book and read it carefully and critically. You can share the book with your friends and family and discuss it with them. You can write a review of the book and post it online or send it to a media outlet. You can also follow the authors on social media and their website and stay updated on their activities and events.

You can also support Treci Metak by signing a petition that calls for a new investigation and trial of Đinđić's assassination. The petition, which was launched by the authors and their supporters, demands that the authorities reopen the case and examine all the facts and evidence that have been presented by the book and other sources. The petition also demands that the authorities hold accountable all those who were involved or responsible for Đinđić's murder and its cover-up. The petition can be found on the website of the book, d282676c82


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