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Vivado Xci

What is Vivado XCI and How to Use It?

Vivado XCI is a file extension that stands for **Xilinx IP core file**. It is a file that contains all the customization and configuration settings for an IP core in Vivado Design Suite. An IP core is a reusable block of logic or functionality that can be integrated into a larger design.

vivado xci

Vivado XCI files are useful for managing IP cores in a project, as they allow you to easily add, remove, modify, or regenerate IP cores without affecting the rest of the design. Vivado XCI files also help simplify working with revision control systems by providing a single file representation of an IP core.

To use Vivado XCI files, you need to follow these steps:

  • Create or add an IP core to your project using the IP Catalog or the IP Integrator.

  • Customize the IP core settings using the IP customization GUI or the Tcl console.

  • Generate the output products for the IP core using the Generate Output Products dialog box or the Tcl command generate_target.

  • A Vivado XCI file will be created in your project directory along with other output files such as DCP, synthesis, constraints, memory initialization and simulation files.

  • You can now use the Vivado XCI file to add or read the IP core to another project, or to check in the IP core to a revision control system.

Vivado XCI files are compatible with Vivado 2013.1 and later versions. They are similar to XCIX files, which are compressed binary files that contain all the output products for an IP core. However, XCIX files are optional and can be enabled or disabled using the Core Container feature.Here are some more paragraphs for the article:

Benefits of Vivado XCI Files

Vivado XCI files offer several benefits for IP core management and design reuse. Some of the benefits are:

  • Vivado XCI files are **portable** and **self-contained**, meaning they can be easily moved or copied to another location or project without losing any information or functionality.

  • Vivado XCI files are **consistent** and **reliable**, meaning they always reflect the current state and settings of the IP core. They also prevent any accidental changes or modifications to the IP core by other users or tools.

  • Vivado XCI files are **scalable** and **flexible**, meaning they can support any number and type of IP cores in a project. They also allow you to customize and regenerate IP cores as needed without affecting the rest of the design.

Limitations of Vivado XCI Files

While Vivado XCI files are very useful and convenient, they also have some limitations that you should be aware of. Some of the limitations are:

  • Vivado XCI files are **not editable**, meaning you cannot directly modify or change the contents of the file using a text editor or a hex editor. You can only edit the IP core settings using the Vivado tools.

  • Vivado XCI files are **not human-readable**, meaning you cannot easily understand or interpret the information stored in the file. You can only view the IP core settings using the Vivado tools.

  • Vivado XCI files are **not compatible** with other tools or formats, meaning you cannot import or export the file to other design environments or platforms. You can only use the Vivado tools to work with the file.



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